Scarlet Dress

Band Members :
Sushant Vohra - Instruments (Dehradun, India)
Michael Redriguez - Vocals (San Francisco, US)

Scarlet Dress is a Progressive Metalcore project from Dehradun, formed in 2011 by Sushant Vohra that explores ambience in metal genre. Their music features heavy riffage, ambient melodies, hard hitting breakdowns contrasting with clean harmonious singing.

EP 'Prose Edda' 2015 Track List :

1. Dawn
2. Seeker (ft. Jesse Butler of 'The Air I Breathe')  YouTube  
3. Overnight (ft. Michael Rodriguez)
4. Pulse ft.Niti  Mp3 YouTube 
5. Enfold
6. Lucid ft.Thessa  Mp3 YouTube

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Album 'Endless' 2019 Track List :

1. Onset
2. Nucleus  Video  
3. Limerence
4. Rupture
5. Words Whispered
6. Interlude
7. Withdrawn (ft.Jordan Chase)
8. Evade (ft.Alan Rigdon)
9. Empty Breathing (ft.Josh Ford)

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Single Track List :

1. Arc  Live  
2. Rise
3. Periscope ft.Jeff Pogan of 'Oneironaut')  Mp3 YouTube

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