Skinny Alley

Band Members :
Jayashree Singh - Vocals [RIP]
Amyt Datta - Guitars
Gyan Singh - Bass / Vocals [RIP]
Jeffrey Menezes - Keyboards / Vocals
Jivraj 'Jiver' Singh - Drums / Percussion

Skinny Alley is a Rock band from Kolkata, formed in 1996. The band comprises members of popular Kolkata rock act Pinknoise and have been playing together in various bands since the 1970s. Each of the members brings a wealth of experience that contributes richly to the sound of the band. The band has played to diverse crowds in every possible venue, from college campuses to plush clubs, coffee-houses to football stadiums, and a gangster’s rooftop to car parks filled with tobacco-chewing truckers. The original music of the band reflects this richness of experience, incorporating the maturity, the skills, the influences and the versatility of the musicians.

Album 'Retroguessing : Demos 1995-2000' Track List :

1. The Woman Who Is Me
2. Hot Lips
3. Crazy For Your Love
4. Sweet Hangover
5. Stay
6. When Will I  Live 
7. Only Fooling Myself
8. ....And You're Mine
9. Suspicious
10. Big Girl

Album 'Escape The Roar' 2003 Track List :

1. Fence  Video 
2. Debris
3. Universal Plan
4. Used To Be Mine
5. Hey Hey
6. How Can I
7. Little Sister
8. Pleasures of Suburbia  YouTube 
9. Chant
10. Helium
11. Clumsy
12. Escape The Roar

Album 'Songs From The Moony Boom' 2007 Track List :

1. Only Human
2. Swunk
3. Go Figure
4. Child Bride
5. Fool For Free
6. Hot And Cold
7. Hard To Forgive
8. Who Are You?
9. Drag
10. Shape Your Life

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Single Track List :

1. Terrified  Live 

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