Underground Authority

Band Members :
Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer - Vocals
Adil Rashid - Guitars
Soumyadeep Bhattacharya - Bass
Sourish Kumar - Drums

Underground Authority is an Alternative Rap Rock band from Kolkata, formed in April 2010 when two of them previously existing acts namely, !Banned (Rap-Metal) and Skydive (Rap-Rock) collaborated together to put forth a live act collectively and hence its existence as a band. Primarily the band is known for it's original compositions which always had a message to portray with a political inclination, 'Protest Poetry' as they themselves like to term their genre. The band is noted for their socio-political messages / Anti-capitalism agenda in their song lyrics and also for their music to express and not impress quote.

Album 'You Authority' 2014 Track List :

1. You Can't Stop Us  Video YouTube 
2. Microphone  Video 
3. Realize  Video 
4. We Kill G.I.Joes  YouTube
 5. Hogi Subah  YouTube
6. Is Jahaan Se Dur  YouTube 
7. Tum Na Ho To  YouTube 
8. Kaash Meri Girlfriend  Video

EP 'Propaगेंडा' 2016 Track List :

1. Gypsy (Re-loaded)  Mp3 YouTube 
2. Raasta Tera ft.Nikhita Gandhi  Video YouTube 
3. Am I Free?  YouTube 
4. Azaad  YouTube 
5. Renegade  Video YouTube 

Download The Album

Single Track List :

1. Where The Streets Have A Name
2. We Rise
3. Handlebars
4. Inside Out (EPR ft.Pari)
5. Boatman  YouTube  
6. I'm In Indian  Video  
7. Ligt It Up  Video  
8. Pehchaan  Live YouTube  
9. Every Lil' Girl of Mine  Video  
10. Girls Like You Cover Mashup  Video  
11. Blurry  YouTube 

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  1. how can i donwload the song where the streets have a name!!! please upload that song also!!

  2. dear UA....do u give concert performances at colleges too??....if so....do tell the requirements....and rates...:)

    1. U can call our manager Hasan @ 09830008989

  3. CIEM tollygang roking performances

  4. It would be really kind of you, if you can include our latest EP and the other videos we have released