Band Members :
Rajiv Mitra - Vocals / Guitars
Joy Sasmal - Guitars
Sourtik Banerjee - Bass
Ranit Das - Drums
Tamal Kanti Halder - Keyboards / Vocals

AlienZ is a Progressive Rock band from Kolkata, formed in 2004. All the members came from different field of music and their contribution gave the band a wide variety of tastes, starting from melodious Indian music to the crunchy, heavy distorted metal. They admit that initially they were strongly inspired and influenced by the progressive music giants Dream Theater, but at this point of time they strongly believe that their versatile taste for music has made AlienZ unique. They write music that portrays a storyline or rather a concept, so they love to call themselves a 'Conceptual Rock Band'. Their track 'O Shomoy' is been featured in a compilation album The Underground Vol.I - Kolkata released by Saregama in 2008.

Album 'Swapno Noy' 2012 Track List :

1. Bipothe Agami  YouTube
2. Thak Santona  YouTube
3. Thak  YouTube
4. Waal Purgis-er Raat  YouTube
5. Swapno Noe  Live YouTube 
6. Dekhechhi Take
7. Porichoy  YouTube
8. Debo Pari
9. Asbei Bhor  Video YouTube 
10. Jhorer Sheshe  YouTube
11. Nasto Rupkatha  YouTube

Album 'Jorimana' 2015 Track List :

1. Bakhya Hoy Na
2. Aaj Kothao
3. Jorimana
4. Sabi Pabey
5. Ashoriri
6. Ekla Raat
7. Maa  Video  
8. Samikaran

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Single Track List :

1. O Shomoy
2. Dubaili Re
3. Haatchhani
4. Tora Kon Dole
5. Heroder Khatay (A Tribute to  Iron Maiden)
6. Rockstar

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  1. asbei bhor song tar drum notation ki pawa jabe?