Purple Fusion

Band Members :
Lamtsala H Sangtam - Vocals
Imsanger Lkr - Guitars
Mhathung Odyuo - Bass
Nourhevilie Khate - Guitars / Violin

Purple Fusion is a Folk Fusion band from (Dimapur) Nagaland, formed in August 2012 by Mhathung and Lamtsala. The band experiments with a fusing genre such as Folk Rock, Blues, Funk, Reggae, Jazz/Sufi and Bollywood. Purple Fusion incorporate's different aspects of Naga traditional music, like rhythm, chants, vocal melodies with western instruments and with genre which may necessarily not have the just one influence, with a little diversion from the main stream techno, RnB and pop.

Album 'Folk Reminiscence' 2014 Track List :

1. Longmi Khi - The Reminiscing Song
2. Ho Hey! You Came Along  Video
3. So Hi Mo Zo
4. Holo Ha  YouTube
5. Oh Ha Lo He!
6. Roko (Hindi)
7. Tring Tring - Marks of War  Video 
8. Zayi Zayi

9. Loving You
10. Nakhe Nakhe - Rain Song

Single Track List :

1. A New Beginning
2. Raaka

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