Sajid Akbar

Band Member :
Sajid Akbar

Sajid Akbar is a singer song-writer from Delhi. Basically it is a solo project of Sajid, who was an ex-member of the band 'Killer Tomatoes' (1998-2003). His debut album 'Kid Without Candy' was released by 'The Enigmatic Army'.

Album 'Kid Without Candy' 2008 Track List :

1. The Sky Is Falling
2. Pray For Rain
 3. Mira
 4. Silent Movies  Video Live 
 5. Late Afternoon Cardrive
 6. Home
7. Hold On

Single Track List :

1. Earlier That Week  Video 
2. Far from It
3. Cats And Cutlery
4. Vanishing Vantages
5. Lost And Sound
6. Chaos∞Konton
7. Buoyance

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