Alien Conspiracy Theory

Band Members :
Houreilung Thaimei - Vocals
Kaopu Thaimei - Guitars
Jeff Kayina - Guitars
Clement Gangmei - Bass
Vineet Matthew - Drums

Alien Conspiracy Theory is a Heavy Metal band from Delhi, formed in August  2012. The band has brought out their first original - 'Reclaim' which is featured on the 7X7 album (a BASIC initiative with songs on youth and drug abuse) while at the same time jamming and playing gigs whenever possible. Their musical influences range from old school heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock, alternative, blues and almost anything that sounds good to them. As the band strives to come up with a sound that encompasses all moods and feeling it pledges to stay true to metal and the intensity it delivers.

Single Track List :

1. Reclaim

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