Diabolus Arcanium

Band Members :
Vyas Hex Manalan - Vocals / Guitars
Virgil - Guitars

Karuna - Bass / Drums

Gideon - Keyboards

Diabolus Arcanium is a Black Metal band from Chennai, formed in August 2011 under the name 'Fortified Destruction' and 'Cybernation. The band underwent a major makeover including name change, lineup change and the style of music. Relentless speed and massive melodies with Satanic philosophy marks the new era of the band's music. They have released their debut album titled 'Spellbound' through 'Haught Records' (California, USA). In 2017 the band have changed their name to 'Entity of Hate'.

Album 'Spellbound' 2014 Track List :

1. Inno Arcanium
2. Spellbound
3. Ascension  YouTube  
4. Frozen Dreams  YouTube 
5. Spiritual Entropy  YouTube
6. Herald of Darkness  YouTube  
7. In Death's Embrace
8. Kingdom of Sin  YouTube 
9. The Messenger
10. Of Fire And Ashes

Full Album Stream

Album 'Path of Ascension' 2015 Track List :

1. Inno Arcanium
2. Kingdom of Sin
3. Bloodlines  YouTube
4. Ascension
5. Arrival
6. Of Fire And Ashes  YouTube
7. Spiritual Entropy  YouTube
8. Frozen Dreams
9. Christ Eradication
10. Herald of Darkness
11. Kingdom of Sin (Orchestral)

Download The Album
Link 1  Link 2

Single Track List :

1. I Am The Black Wizards  YouTube 
2. Freezing Moon
3. Heroes of Might And Magic  Mp3 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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