Eastern Soul Players

Band Members :
Rintu Saikia - Vocals
Ankur Saikia - Guitars
Henjoy Saikia - Bass
Akhil Borah - Drums
Somiran Malay - Percussions (Folk) / Lyrics
Munmun Das - Percussions (Latin)

Eastern Soul Players (ESP) is a Folk Rock band from Jorhat (Assam), formed in 2010. The band have been trying to work on folks like Dehbisaror geet, Tukari geet, Loko geet, and the like and have been composing jazz and reggae. Since birth, the band have spend years in knowing folk rock and by this time experiments with several compositions were completed successfully. The lyrics usually deals with mythology, philosophy and spiritualism.

Single Track List :

1. Jotadhari  Video 
2. Axutuxo
3. Kuji Baai
4. Vobo Boitoroni
5. Pita Putro
6. American 
7. Jonmo Lobhilo  Video

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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