Whats In The Name

Band Members :
Clince Varghese - Vocals
Rounaq Pinto - Guitars
Chaitanya Bhaidkar - Guitars
Govind Gawli - Bass
Kiran Chitra Deshmukh - Drums / Percussion
Johaan John Thekken - Keyboards

Whats In The Name is a Progressive Funk Rock band from Mumbai, formed in August 2011. The band consist of a bunch of fun-loving boys hanging together and writing songs about everything that is hanging. They're known for their energetic, power packed stage act where they ensure the crowd claps, sings and dances along to their music. They toured The Maldives for a 4 concert tour sponsored by the Indian High Commission in Jan 2014..

Single Track List :

1. Bhabhi  YouTube 
2. Just As I Look  YouTube 
3. Tu Hai Bekaar
4. Kadambi
5. Don't You Have Shame
6. Freedom Is Mine

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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