Dormant Inferno

Band Members :
Gautam Shankar - Vocals
Sunny Bhambri - Guitars / Bass
Lenin Kharat - Keyboards

Dormant Inferno is a Doom Metal band from Mumbai, formed in January 2009. Amidst the clutter of Thrash, Death & Metalcore bands in Mumbai, two guys decided to take a different route and play Doom Metal. Influenced by varied bands Dormant Inferno aims at attaining a sound which is minimal yet captivating. Dormant Inferno hopes at exposing the Metalheads in Mumbai to Doom Metal, a beautiful yet ignored genre of Metal. Their track 'Failed Experiments' is been featured in a compilation album Ascending True Indian Underground and 'Total Negation' is been featured in Metaller's Mayhem I, Brutal Launch Box - Life Is Sick & Brutal, Unholy Maunder Indian Rock Vol. I and Asia : Tunes of The Rising Sun. They have been featured in a Motorhead Tribute compilation album.

EP 'In Sanity' 2011 Track List :

1. Failed Experiments  YouTube
2. Ashes  YouTube 
3. Total Negation  YouTube

Download The Album

Split Album 'Beyond Forgotten Shores' 2015 Track List :
[with 'Dionysus' from Pakistan]

Disk 1

1. Dormant Inferno - Veil of Lunacy  YouTube
2. Dormant Inferno - Deliverance  Mp3 YouTube
3. Dormant Inferno - A Once Holy Throne (Incantation Cover)  YouTube
4. Dionysus - Beneath The Skies of War
5. Dionysus - Rain
Disk 2
1. Dormant Inferno - Failed Experiments
2. Dormant Inferno - Ashes
3. Dormant Inferno - Total Negation
4. Dionysus - Glimpse of The Beloved
5. Dionysus - Valor of The Phoenix
6. Dionysus - Burial Ground
7. Dionysus - Bathing In Unholy Blood
7. Dionysus - Angels of Heaving Light

Download The Album
Link 1  Link 2

Single Track List :

1. Embers of You  Mp3 YouTube 

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