Band Members :
Chinmoy Lahkar - Vocals
Rohan Majumdar - Guitars
Iaidon - Bass

Angshuman Hazarika - Drums

Macropsia is a Death Metal band from Guwahati (Assam), formed in late 2013. The band is working on their 5 way split album which will be released through 'Morbid Generation Records' (Germany) along with CUFF (Canada), Disfiguring The Diseased (India), Splattered Entrails (USA) and Embryonic Devourment (USA).

5-Way Split Album 'Kings of Slam' 2015 Track List :

1. Cuff - Hyperboreal Vibrations 2. Cuff - Pungent Stench of Mutating Flesh
3. Disfiguring The Diseased - Stench of Burning Flesh  YouTube  
4. Disfiguring The Diseased - Torture, Slaughter, Molest
5. Embryonic Devourment - Blood Gif
6. Embryonic Devourment - Sealed with Resin
7. Macropsia - Derangement  Live 
8. Macropsia - Ramification Deformity
9. Splattered Entrails - Degrading Punishments
10. Splattered Entrails - Meat Grater Skin Graft

Single Track List :

1. Forgotten Revolution
2. Echoes Never Heard

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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