Parekh & Singh

Band Members :
Nischay Parekh - Vocals / Guitars / Synths
Jivraj Singh - Drums / Electronics

Parekh & Singh are Dream Pop duo from Kolkata, active since 2011. Parekh plays the guitar and keyboards and fronts Kolkata based Alternative/Pop-Rock band The Monkey In Me. Initially, the duo performed under the banner of Nischay Parekh in 2011. Although it was ostensibly Parekh's solo project, Singh was a constant collaborator and appeared alongside Parekh for photos and performances. They released an album, Ocean, independently in 2013. The album featured contributions from Singh on drums and percussion. The band re-released Ocean under their new name in October 2016 on Peacefrog, a British indie label.

Album 'Ocean' 2013 Track List :

1. I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll
2. Newbury Street
3. Me And You
4. Panda
5. Hill
5. Ghost
7. Secrets
8. Ocean
9. Philosophize

Album 'Ocean' 2016 Track List :

1. I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll  Video 
2. Newbury Street  YouTube 
3. Me And You  YouTube
4. Panda  YouTube
5. Hill  YouTube 
5. Ghost  Video YouTube 
7. Secrets  YouTube 
8. Ocean  Live YouTube
9. Philosophize  Video 

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Album 'Science City' 2019 Track List :

1. Sunbeam
2. Down At The Sky
3. Hello  Mp3 Video
4. Summer Skin  Mp3 Video
5. Be Something
6. Evening Sun
7. Monkey
8. Forward Slash
9. Surgeon
10. One Hundred Shadows
11. Crystalline  Mp3 YouTube

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