What Google Can't Find

Band Members :
Akshay Gaikwad - Vocals
Clinton Moniz - Guitars
Gaurav Kakkar- Guitars
Bob Alex - Guitars
Akshat Vaze - Bass
Arjun Menon - Drums

What Google Can't Find is an Alternative Metal band from Pune, formed in June 2010. The band started out as a two-piece (Akshat and Aashish) instrumental German theatre group known as "Bunte Buehne" which was a part of 'Max Mueller Bhavan' in Pune and grew larger after their first few gigs.

EP 'Stigma' 2011 Track List :

1. The Prison With Two Hands
2. Mutter (Rammstein Cover)
3. Deceit

Album 'Introspect / Retrospect' 2016 Track List :

1. If I Were You
2. From Here To The End
3. Paper Planes
4. Timelines
5. Secrets Within Ourselves
6. Catalysts
7. Towards The Better Sun
8. Back In My Hand (Introspect)
9. Something About The Time (Retrospect)
10. Princess Cheesecake Will Find His Baker
11. Still Sirens

Single Track List :

1. Cool Story Bro ft.Jinu Varghese
2. Weirdly Happy Goat

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