Band Members :
Vishal Dalwani - Vocals
Divyanshu Gupta - Guitars
Laksh Thamman - Guitars
Mradul Singhal - Bass [RIP]
Aditya Oke - Drums

KillKount is a Death Metal band from Bhopal/Pune/Mumbai, formed in early 2014. The have worked on creating a unique, menacing and vicious sound to put forward their message and compliment their ideals of anti-establishment and nihilism.

Album 'Konflict & Terror' 2020 Track List :

1. Memento Mori  Video YouTube 
2. Konflict & Terror  YouTube  
3. HollowKast  YouTube 
4. W.M.D.  Live YouTube 
5. Korruption Kauses Katastrophe
6. Schizophrenic Machine Kill  YouTube 
7. Korpsified!
8. Koffin Feeder
  Video YouTube 
9. Limbless  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
Other LinkLink 1  Link 2

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