Rishabh Seen

Rishabh Seen is one of the best and most unique Sitar player from Punjab. He is been recognized as a true innovator who is traditionally rooted with the subtleties of Indian Classical Music and is pushing the limit and use of a traditional Sitar, in the context of not only Hindustani music but modern musical styles like Rock, Metal & Electronic / Bollywood Fusion as well. Rishabh aims at putting Sitar on the world map and joining the forces of Classical and Metal music with his band Sitar Metal - a Sitar fronted Metal band and Mute The Saint.

Single Track List :

1. Urja : Raga Hansdhwani  Mp3 
2. Remember Why  Mp3 
3. It All Ends Here  Mp3 Video
4. Raga Bhairvi  Mp3 Live
5. Raga Jhinjhoti  Live 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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