Sitar Metal

Sitar Metal is the world's first Indian Classical - Rock / Metal fusion band fronted by Rishabh Seen, creating an extremely melodic, chaotic & vast soundscape to reckon with.

Album 'Sitar Metal' 2019 Track List :

1. When Time Stands Still  Video YouTube 
2. Beyond Me Beyond You  YouTube 
3. We Will Never Exist Again  Video YouTube 
4. I Am The Wake Up Call  YouTube 
5. It All Ends Here, Vol.2  YouTube 
6. Dreamers We Never Learn  Video YouTube 

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Album 'Awakening - The Analog Soundscapes of Sitar Metal' 2020 Track List :

1. The Awakening Is Here  YouTube 
2. False Light  YouTube  
3. True Darkness  YouTube  
4. Pick A Side or Pick Both  YouTube  
5. And The Dream Came True  YouTube 

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