Band Members :
Vehrnon Ibrahim - Vocals
Rohit Chaturvedi - Guitars
Sharmon Ibrahim - Guitars
Praful Menon - Bass
Deepak Raghu - Drums

Millennium is a Heavy Metal band from Bangalore, formed in 1986. Millennium are regarded as the Gods of metal in the Indian Music scenario. They were probably the first metal band to hit the limelight with everything in place, the amazing drumming, guitar riffs and the vocals. They were also the openers for Deep Purple and Megadeth/Machinehead in India. No other Indian rock band justifies these words more than Millennium. The oldest metal band on the Indian rock scene, Millennium was formed by Rio,who came from Tehran to India,to pursue higher studies. Their video, Peace Just In Heaven, joined the MTV playlist - the first Asian metal band to do so. The song was also conferred with a Skull Krusher of the week on Headbanger’s Ball, on the same channel. The band reformed in 2012. They have been featured in a compilation album titled Motorhead Tribute - India released by 'Iron Fist Records' in 2013.

EP 'Born To Reign' 1993 Track List :

1. Only Be One
2. Child of Pain
3. Peace Just In Heaven
4. Forest Dream

Album 'Millennium' 1994 Track List :

1. Only Be One  Video YouTube  
2. Twist of Fate  YouTube 
3. Grey  YouTube 
4. F.Y.A.  YouTube 
5. Final Sign  YouTube  
6. Metal Army  YouTube 
7. Forest Dreams  YouTube 
8. Peace Just In Heaven  Video YouTube
9. Child of Pain  YouTube 
10. Feather  YouTube

Spilt 'The Crisis / Millennium' 1995 Track List :

1. The Crisis - Kolahal Ma
2. The Crisis - Maya Boki Aau
3. Millennium - F.Y.A.
4. Millenium - Metal Army

Album '1 Concept 2 Live' 1997 Track List :

1. Rainmaker
2. Bleat
3. Waiting Room
4. Wicked Heart
5. Romantika
6. Jabbin At The Bone
7. After Anger
8. Lucid Interval

Single Track List :

1. Fear The Fire

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