Motorhead Tribute - India

Motorhead Tribute - India is a compilation album released by Iron Fist Records, Bangalore. It is a tribute album by India's metal underground for one of the most influential bands of all time, Motorhead. The album, titled simply 'Motorhead Tribute - India', is a reference to the iconic 'Motorhead - England' imagery. As for the cover artwork, it follows a proud Motorhead tradition of featuring a thematic adaptation of Snaggletooth, and is crafted by one of the scene's most prolific illustrators - Bevar Sea guitarist, Rahul Chacko.


1. Millennium - Iron Fist
Dying Embrace - Deaf Forever  YouTube 
 3. 1833 AD - Dead And Gone  YouTube 
4. Bevar Sea - Turn You Round Again  YouTube 
. Albatross - God Was Never On Your Side
Shepherd - Sacrifice  YouTube 
Witchgoat - Death or Glory
8. Djinn And Miskatonic - I Don't Believe A Word  YouTube 
9. Mortar - I Am The Sword  YouTube  
10. Solar Deity - Orgasmatron
11. Purgation - Terminal Show
12. Dormant Inferno - The Game  YouTube  

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