Djinn And Miskatonic

Band Members :
Gautham Khandige - Vocals
Sriram Kvlteswaran - Guitars
Mushaf Nazeer - Guitars

Jayaprakash Satyamurthy - Bass [Ex.Bevar Sea]
Siddharth Manoharan - Drums [Nihilus, Ex.Corrode, Ex.The Mechanix]

Djinn And Miskatonic is a Doom Metal band from Bangalore, formed in 2011. They merge Doom Metal with stylings of Sludge, Stoner and even Death/Doom Metal. The band broke up in December 2013 but reformed in March 2014.

Demo EP 'Weird Zombie Science' 2012 Track List :

1. I, Zombie
2. Flight of Sand
3. Weird Tales  YouTube 

EP 'Forever In The Realm' 2013 Track List :

1. 7 Year Witch
2. Book of The Fallen
3. Vulcan's Forge
4. Voice From The Tomb
5. Weird Tales

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EP 'Even Gods Must Die' 2018 Track List :

1. I, Zombie
2. Bones of My Brothers
3. Doombringer
4. Frost And Steel  YouTube 
5. Harvest of Kings
6. Hangman's Hope

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Split Album 'Sky Shadow Obelisk / Djinn And Miskatonic' 2018 Track List :

1. Sky Shadow Obelisk - The Alogon
2. Djinn and Miskatonic - Empress of The Sands of Time
3. Djinn and Miskatonic - Through Engines Within

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Single Track List :

1. Mortal Science
2. Samhain Fox

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