Burn The Water

Band Member :
Debojyoti Sanyal - Guitars / Vocals / Programming
Live Members :
T.i.n - Vocals / Guitars
'A.B.I'nash - Guitars
S.I.D - Drums

Burn The Water is an Experimental Metal band from Siliguri, West Bengal, formed in early 2011. It is a one man project by Debojyoti Sanyal and also a founder of a project named Magiska Krafter (formerly known as 'Skool of Dead'). He defines Burn The Water as a Crappy overproduction, raw guitars, layers of synth and samples and some vocals added to the melange. The music is labeled as Crap Metal and the reason behind it was hard to find a suitable genre for it. Though Metal infused with the sound of industry, a dash of doom/goth trickled with some black/death along with some nu/alt.metal, hardcore mentality and some crap can be found in the BTW music.

EP 'Eschatological' 2012 Track List :

1. __________  YouTube 
2. The End pt.1 (The Warmonger)
3. The End pt.2 (Yes, today is DOOMSDAY V2)  YouTube 
4. The Scene  Mp3 YouTube 
5. The Escape  YouTube 
6. __________  YouTube 
7- The World (Outside) ft. The Siren's Allure  YouTube 

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Single Track List :

1. Yes, Today Is Doomsday  YouTube
2. The Journey Through Bliss And Betrayals
3. T.R.B.T. feat. For Salvation  Mp3 YouTube

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