Drop Doubt

Band Members :
Malsawmtluanga Sailo - Vocals
Zothanpuia Rokhum -
Michael Rokhum - Bass
Lalremruata Sailo - Keyboards
John Lalrosanga - Drums

Drop Doubt is a Progressive Rock band from Aizwal, Mizoram, formed in the year 2006. The definition of 'Drop Doubt' according to this young Indian group is "A man must drop all his doubt for Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us from our sins, and thus, your doubt should be dropped". As a Progressive Gospel Rock Band, the word "Gospel" becomes their first priority other than this progressive music, so to put forth in  one's utmost strength in serving and praising God using their Lyrics and to unite & enlighten the youth of the world through Christ within  their capability, this is the aim which lies deeply in their mind.

Album 'Conscious Diversion of Faith' 2011 Track List :

1. Drop Doubt  Mp3 
2. Invictus
  Mp3 Video 
3. Beneath The Thorn  Mp3 Video
4. Take Away
  Mp3 Video
5. Desperate Call
6. Hringnun
7. Change
8. Repentance
9. I Tan Ka Hlan
10. Entrance of Heaven (feat. Feli of DrLuke)

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