Retards Lullaby - Grind Compilation

Retards Lullaby is a Grind compilation album released on 2012. The album is a 5 way split CD of Undergrind bands such as Bad Taste, Anorectal Ulceration, Grossty, Semen Commando and Head Splash along with Undergrind 2012 poster.


1. Yes To Porn No To Philosophy
2. Silence of The Noise Grinder's
3. Eradicate Megalomaniacs
4. Destroy All Power Structures

5. Wrath of The Semen Commando
6. JizzBusters
7. Cum Jabbing Junkie Whore

8. Tranny Is Our Nanny
9. Anal Fuck Balls Clapping Near Vagina When The Dog Is Licking My Ass

 10. Sickened By The Fart of An Ulcerated Rectal
11. Groin Disgorgement And Abdominal Excoriation
12. Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Successive Blowjobs

13. Bloody Fest
14. Witch's Dance Naked

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