The Naktala Metal Pally Vol. I

Naktala Metal Pally is an organization of bands in Kolkata, West Bengal, formed in 2007,  aimed at providing a stage and promoting indie bands in the state through various concepts and has since then organized many concerts in Kolkata with a huge response from the targeted audience. The organization majorly promotes underground music to / from the state of West Bengal through various concerts. Recently the organization has been shaped up in a more dynamic manner and avenues like establishing an indie record label, social activities have been created. 

Track List:

1. Moshpit (Kolkata) - Breaking Through
2. Satanik (Bangladesh) - Endured Nothingness  Mp3 
3. Rikterskale (Kolkata) - Aaj Raat
4. 1833 AD (Delhi) - Who Will Kill The Emperor
5. Kripa (Kolkata) - Murker Swargo
6. GodSpit (Finland) - Rightness To Kill  Mp3 Mp3 YouTube 
7. Powersurge (Bangladesh) - Mitther Agrashon  Mp3 
8. Chronic Xorn (Kolkata) - Death Destruction Sermon
9. Dehumanize (France) - Possess Me
10. Amavasya (Kolkata) - Shiray Shiray

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