Putrid Ascendancy - Ascending True Indian Underground

'Putrid Ascendancy - Ascending True Indian Underground' is a compilation album published by "Indian Extreme Metal Cult" featuring some of the finest extreme Acts from India and our neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


1. 1833 AD (Delhi) - Who Will Kill The Emperor
2. Aghor Andhakar (Delhi) - Invading Motherland
3. Cry (Hyderabad) - Lonewolf
4. Dhwesha (Bangalore) - Yuddhabhumi

5. Dormant Inferno (Mumbai) - Failed Experiments
6. Dying Embrace (Bangalore) - Oremus Diabolum
7. Gorified (Bangalore) - Obliteration Quandary

8. Gruesome Malady (Bangalore) - Malodorous Ejaculation 
9. In Human (Kolkata) - In Human Mortality 
10. Plague Throat (Shillong) - Present Chaos 
11. Barzak (Bangladesh) - Gonsalves Er Roktosnan  Mp3 YouTube
12. Funeral In Heaven (Sri Lanka) - Malediction of Veracit  YouTube

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