The Great Eastern Rock Vol.I

The Great Eastern Rock Vol. I is a compilation released by The Northeast Today Magazine which comprises of 12 bands from North East India along with 2 bands from South India (Heretic & RatKing)  and 2 International bands (Firehouse & White Lion). Music wise the album has bit of every genre from reggae to punk to Metal. The album was distributed free along with the 2nd anniversary issue of the magazine.

Track List:

1. Northwind – Change Myself
2. Death In Serenity – Taken
3. Ninth Side – All That You Are
4. Good For Nothing – Hard On You
5. Horjwlai – Rise Of The Nation
6. Boomarang – War
7. FlashFlood – Armageddon
8. Lucid Recess – The Maze
9. Eye2Eye – Seven Sisters
10. Against The Flow – The Anger Is Your Gift  YouTube 
11. Dwar – The Beginning To An End
12. Pip of The Fourth Mother – Shillong
13. Heretic – Reprise
14. Rat King – The Plague Of Hamelin
International Bands :
15. Firehouse – Let Go  Mp3 YouTube
16. White Lion – The Battle of The Big Horn  YouTube 

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