The Dewarists Season I

The Dewarists is a musical television series on Star World India. The series is part music documentary and part travelogue. The show casts musicians from various parts of the world, collaborating to create original music while travelling across India. Dewarists believe in passion and things worth doing. Their motto is "Some Things Are Worth Doing". The first season on 2011 featured total 10 episodes.


1. Minds Without Fear - Imogen Heap / Vishal-Shekhar  Video 
2. Kya Khayaal Hai - Zeb & Haniya / Shantanu Moitra / Swanand Kirkire
3. Maya - Indian Ocean / Mohit Chauhan  Video 
4. I Believe - Parikrama / Agnee / Shilpa Rao  Video 
5. Changing World - Shri / Rajasthan Roots / Monica Dogra  Video 
6. Khule Da Rabb - Angaraag Papon Mahanta / Rabbi Shergill  Video
7. Duur Kinara - Shubha Mudgal / Swarathma  Video
8. No I.D. Required - Midival Punditz / Humble The Poet / Monica Dogra  Video
9. Sacred Science - Karsh Kale / Baiju Dharmajan / Harigovindan  Video
10. Masti Ki Basti - The Raghu Dixit Project / Rewben Mashangva  Video

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