The Dewarists Season II

The Dewarists is a musical television series on Star World India. The series is part music documentary and part travelogue. The show casts musicians from various parts of the world, collaborating to create original music while travelling across India. Dewarists believe in passion and things worth doing. Their motto is "Some Things Are Worth Doing". The second season on 2012 featured total 10 episodes.


1. Fin Greenall / Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan - Let Go  Video 
2. Akala / Piyush Mishra - Tom, Dick & Harry  Video 
3. Shaa'ir + Funk / La Pongal - Today  Video 
5. Anoushka Shankar / Sanjeev Shankar / Pirashanna Thevarajah - The Gypsy  Video 
6. Advaita / Dualist Inquiry - Altitude  Video 
7. Akhu / Asian Dub Foundation - Qutub Minar  Video 
8. Brooklyn Shanti / Mou Sultana / DJ Nucleya - Bangla Bass  Video 
9. Trilok Gurtu / Hari + Sukhmani - Maati  Video 
10. Papon / Karsh Kale / Carl Barat - The Minstrel's Tale  Video 

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  1. thanx for the season 1 tracklist download..
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  2. thanks for the season 1 download links.(loved it.)
    and would pay a ton thanx if you do the same with season 2.