RSJ - North-East Special

North-East Special - A Storm In Heaven is compilation released by 'Rock Street Journal'  Magazine consisting of 15 tracks along with July 2011 issue.


1. Alien Gods - Kapyo (Arunachal Pradesh)
2. Bleeding Note - Instinct Bound (Assam)
3. Dark Carnage - Deathmatch Destruction (Assam)
4. Dwar - Keep The Promise (Shillong)
5. Feathers of Jatinga - The Master Who Bleeds (Assam)
6. Freddy's Nightmare - O (Mizoram)
7. Lucid Recess - Colourful Deja Vu (Assam)
8. Magnum Opus - I'm Calling (Assam)
9. Melodrama - Melodrama (Nagaland)
10. Original Fire Factor (OFF) - Save Me (Nagaland)
11. Pip of The Fourth Mother (POTFM) - Lun (Shillong)
12. Project Midnight - A Scene Queen's Broken Dreams (Assam)
13. Shades of Retribution - Byortho (Assam)
14. Sunday Mourning - Get Over It (Assam)
15. The Scavenger Project - Zika (Mizoram)


  1. I picked up this issue but when i opened the cover i found that the disc was cracked. Please provide me some link to download the same as buying another magazine is not possible over here.

  2. don't have it now...will update it when available.....try downloading the tracks individually....

  3. Same problem for me too.. the CD is cracked..

  4. the download link is available only for
    Project Midnight - A Scene
    Queen's Broken Dreams