Metal Asia Compilation

Vengeance Music (Pakistan) and The Flaming Skull Podcast (India) have lunched their Digital Compilation CD titled 'Metal Asia', which is one of the largest Compilations in the world. The Compilation feature the best, most creative and influential bands from The Middle East, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan.

Track List:

The Middle East Bands :
Nervecell (Dubai) Thrash Death Metal - Vicious Circle of Bloodshed  Mp3 YouTube 
Bilocate (Jordan) Doom Death Metal - The Dead Sea  YouTube 
Kimaera (Lebanon) Doom Death Metal - Bloody Tourniquet  YouTube 
TristMoon (Lebanon) Extreme Metal - The Dungeon  YouTube 
Tyrant Throne (Jordan) Death Metal - Excavation To Our Rotten Ancestors  YouTube  
Chaos (Palastine) Metal - Black Moons Call  YouTube 
Benevolent (Kuwait) Extreme Metal - Haunting Shores  YouTube 
 Oath To Vanquish (Lebanon) Death Grind - Pear of Anguish  Mp3 YouTube 
The Crow Murder (Dubai) Heavy Metal - Conviction  YouTube 
Weeping Willow (Lebanon) Death Metal - Tyrant of The Fall  YouTube 
Blood Ink (Lebanon) Thrashcore - Brain Infestation
Exile (Jordan) Old School Thrash - Killing Storm  YouTube 
Private Government (Dubai) Heavy Metal - Breathe  Mp3 YouTube  
Binding Shade (Jordan) Melodic Death Metal - Abysmal Reminiscence  YouTube 
Depth (Kuwait) Progressive Death Metal - Dante's Inferno  YouTube 
Voice of The Soul (Kuwait) Melodic Death Metal - Farewell To Hope  YouTube 
A Shot of Adrenaline (Dubai) Metal - The Human Plague
Absolace (Dubai) Progressive Metal - Resolve[d]  Mp3 YouTube 
Grieving Age (Jeddah) Doom Death Metal - A Quadrennial Dame Pyres  YouTube 
Creative Waste (Saudi Arabia) Metal - Mind Pollution  YouTube 
5grs (Iran) Heavy/Thrash Metal - Judgment day  Video 
Postmortem (Lebanon) Thrash Death Metal - Whispers of Ages
Apeira (Al Ain,UAE) Progressive Death Metal - Gates To Apeiron
Murder Eucharist (Dubai) Extreme Metal - Unleashed Into Involution  YouTube 
Destiny In Chains (Egypt) Metalcore/Hardcore - Shout Your Name  Video 
Universal Rogue (Dubai) Rock/Acoustic/Alternative - Hey Luci
OuTL!vE (Saudi Arabia) Alternative Grunge - My dearest Friend
  Augury (Amman) Blackened Neo-Classical Metal - The Black Enemy  YouTube 
Bouq (Amman, Jordan) Dark/Black Metal - Berserk-The Grand Raven Feast  YouTube 

India Bands :
Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai) Death Metal - And The Dream Will Cease To Exist
Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai) Thrash Metalcore - Blasted Beyond Belief
Devoid (Mumbai) Thrash/Death Metal - Battle Cry
Escher's Knot (Chennai) Post-Thrash/Death Metal - Anonymous Origins
Undying Inc (Delhi) Thrash/Death Metal/Metalcore - Membraneous
Demonstealer (Mumbai) Death/Black/Thrash Metal - Seething Pain That Leaves No Scars
Rat King (Chennai) Experimental/Ambient/Industrial - The Wake
Blind Image (Chennai) Thrash/Groove Metal - Axioms of Synergy
Third Sovereign (Delhi) Death Metal - Sarcophagus
Infernal Wrath (Mumbai) Progressive Death Metal - Behold Ezekiel
Workshop (Mumbai) Humor Metal - Kothai Doro Cho
Noiseware (Pune) Progressive/Experimental Metal - 23
Corroded Dreams (Delhi) Extreme Metal - Sins of Human
Guillotine (Delhi) Progressive Death Metal - Upon My Return
Lucid Recess (Guwahati) Alternative Metal - Socially Active Warrior
Gutslit (Mumbai) Slamgrind - Catherine Wheel
Syrannox (Black Metal) - Journey  Mp3 
Chronic Phobia (Mumbai) Experimental Metal - Serene Insanity
Melakartha (Chennai, India) Industrial Metal - Survivor

Sri Lanka Bands :
Funeral In Heaven (Colombo) Black Metal - Malediction of Veracity  YouTube 
Hollow (Colombo) Thrash/Groove Metal - The Red Scarfed Man  Live 
Fallen Grace (Colombo) Melodic Death Metal - Putrid Remains  YouTube 
Paranoid Earthling (Colombo) Pioneer Grunge - Bringing Down The Sun  YouTube 
Singapore Bands :
Rudra (Vedic Metal) - Reversing The Currents  Mp3 YouTube 
Deus Ex Machina (Heavy Metal) - Assent/Dissent  Mp3 YouTube 
Xanadoo (Thrash Metal) - Man Vs. Fetus  YouTube 
Sammath Sathanas (Black Metal) - doG Foresaken
J (Funeral Doom Metal) - The Sun Is Almighty  YouTube 
Kalodin (Symphonic Black/Death Metal) - Souls of The Dead  YouTube 
Bhelliom (Melodic Death Metal) - At One Fell Swoop  YouTube 
Meltgsnow (Goth-Metal) - Devil's Mind Ride  YouTube 
Draconis Infernum (Black Metal) - Cursed Are The Vanquished  YouTube 
Absence of The Sacred (Thrash/Death Metal) - Catalysts For Cataclysms  YouTube 
Truth Be Known (Grindcore) - Men In White  Mp3 
Thy Fallen Kingdom (Thrash/Death Metal) - Death Train  YouTube 

Pakistan Bands :
Qayaas (Islamabad) Hard Rock - Mera Wana  Mp3 YouTube 
Sacrament (Karachi) Heavy Metal - Rise To Fame
Black Warrant (Lahore) Industrial/Thrash Metal - War & Propaganda  Mp3 YouTube 
Mob Rulz (Karachi) Death/Thrash Metal - Demolition  YouTube 
Soul Vomit (Karachi) Heavy/Thrash Metal - Inquilaab Zindabad  YouTube 
Revolt (Rawalpindi) Death Metal - Birth
Aag (Lahore, Pakistan) Rock/Metal - Kafla  YouTube 
Blackskull (Islamabad) - Full Moon Madness

Nepal Bands :
Antim Grahan (Kathmandu) Melodic Black Metal - Putrefaction Eternity  YouTube 
E.Quals (kathmandu) New Wave/Metalcore - Now We Are Even  YouTube 
Lost Oblivion (kathmandu) Nu Metal - My Friend Is Telling Me To Kill  YouTube 
Epitaph (Metal) - Murda Ko Desh  YouTube 
Breeding Pestilence (Metal) - Pill Hole  YouTube 

Thailand Bands :
Dei Tetra (Bangkok) Black Metal - Blasphemic Instinct  YouTube 

Malaysia Bands :
Wynken Delirium (Johor Bahru) Stoner/Sludge/Metal - Jingling Nona  Video 

Indonesia Bands :
Cranial Schism (Pamulang) Brutal Death Metal - Konspirasi Monotheisme
Paratroopers (Pamulang) Metalcore - Doom Troopers
Bloody Act of Terror (Pontianak) Grindcore - Session 1
Proletar (Jakarta) Grindcore/Hardcore - ???
Rever (Jakarta) Death Metal/Grindcore - Understand Death Has No Use  Mp3 YouTube 
Grind Suffering (Bandung) Black/Death Metal - Predestined Hour of Death

Bangladesh Bands :
Chromatic Massacre (Dhaka) Technical Death Metal - Rayerbazar  Mp3 Mp3 
Gene-Split (Dhaka) Thrash Metal - Suicidal Anthem  YouTube 
Grimorium Verum (Melodic Death Metal) - Empire of The Defeated Blood  YouTube 
 Satanik (Dhaka) Technical Brutal Black Metal - Two Headed Race  YouTube 
Powersurge (Dhaka) Thrash/Groove Metal - Auprostut Juddho  Mp3 Live YouTube 
Necrosis (Gore/Epic Death Metal - Nephertiti

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  1. Hell of a putrid compilation it was, Horns up for posting the whole compilation.